Welcome to Chapter 3


My relationship with beer has 3 chapters.

The first one starts in the basement laundry room of my parent’s apartment complex aka the Bakery.  Drinking 40s of malt liquor, usually Olde English 800 until getting drunk or sick, usually both.
What do you expect underage kids to drink anyway?  This stuff was cheap. Even then my taste buds knew better so a workaround was to have candy or gum in my mouth while drinking it to kill the taste. This did not really help.  Understandably, I had a falling out with beer.
The majority of my high school and college drinking career consisted of crappy vodka.  I was lucky enough to live in Australia for a semester where drinking a beer at lunch was the norm. So I sat down and got a Guinness on draft.  And goddamn was that good.
From there I discovered Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier (now Naturtrüb) and liked it so much I stole the signature glass from the bar.  So that was my rebirth, where I stood in the rain with my hands up in the air screaming with joy.
And here we are at round 3 where I want to try it all but also remember what I drink so I don’t make the same mistake twice.  And you can check out our beer list so you don’t make it even once.  You’ll thank me when you’ll older.


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