This One is Just Right…


With a hot July 4th past us, a question came up on proper temperatures for serving beer.

While drinking an ice cold Mama’s Little Yella Pils (5.5 across the board) on the beach, CE realized that the Kellerweis he bought should be taken out of the cooler and placed in the fridge because the taste of beer fades to nothing below a certain temperature.  Simply: Craft = fridge, lawnmower beers & below = on ice.

That’s when JC said, fridge? It should be straight from the pantry, room temperature.

So it begins…


What sane person in their right mind drinks room temperature liquid?  At all NY State Psychiatric Hospitals, the water, decaffeinated coffee, and tea is all served at room temperature to the delight of the patients.  The British are one thing, but a warm beer is 2 clicks away from drinking urine.

There is no denying that the farther away from freezing the beer is, the more you can taste it and it’s subtleties (if it has any), but there’s gotta be a line.  And I’m drawing it at a few degrees above proper refrigeration, after letting the beer sit for a moment before opening.


I’d like to be more scientific.

When anything is extremely hot or cold, it masks subtleties of the taste.  That’s why Coors can ONLY BE SERVED “Rocky Mountain Cold.”

I personally think 45-55 degrees is a good temperature for a Good Craft Beer (again, Coors and Bud Light needs served around 34-40F).


So there you have it…

After this discussion, a test will have to be conducted:  1 craft beer and 1 conglomerate stock beer served at room temperature, a few minutes out of the fridge and straight out of the cooler and rated.

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