Suds Story

We once drank a beer.  It was a delicious beer.  It hit every sense- starting with the eyes and ears, moving to the nose, with taste and touch not far behind.  Sure, our knees didn’t buckle, but that’s only because we were sitting down.

Now this beer only remains a mystery.  There is no written documentation of it, no picture, no receipt, there is nothing but a memory.

Yet, the memory is not real.  It is only an ideal, something to be discovered.

So it has become our mission, to find this beer, this 10 out of 10.  Yes, we have Franziskaner Weissbier (Naturtrub) as a 9.5 and hold it as the golden standard of Hefes, nay, all beers.  It is possible that nothing will ever top it, and our final act will be changing Franziskaner to a 10/10.  However, until that day, we will remain on the hunt.



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