Orlando Brewmania


DWTH travelled to the great city of Orlando to experience some fine brews in the beautifully air conditioned 4 Points by Sheraton.

JC graciously imported the beer from Tampa and we found some great ones in the batch.

Pro Tip #1– Grab a glass from either room service or downstairs to appreciate the beer vs the plastic or paper cups provided in the room.

Pro Tip #2 – Test the temperature of the fridge with water before beer.  At the 4 Points, a setting of 2/7 still resulted in a frozen salad and Gatorade (guess which tasted better).


Round 01:


Aecht Schelnekerla Urbock  JC 8.5 CE 8.5 – smoke bomb, bacon in a glass, one of the best of it’s kind

Aecht Schelnekerla Weizen  JC 8.0 CE 7.0 – slightly watered down version of the Urbock.  A good starter: “Welcome to the family!”

Gueuze Giradin 1882   JC 6.0 CE 5.5



Round 02:


Grimm Cherry Raspberry Pop!  JC 6.0 CE 6.5 – let this one sit out from the fridge.  Started as a 5 due to a lack of sourness, but opened up nicely

Crooked Stave L’Brett D’Raspberry  JC 8.5 CE 9.0 – pure raspberry jam, sour punch.  Another strong beer from a great brewery. High price tag makes it a treat only

Trooper Red ‘N’ Black Porter  JC 5.5 CE 5.0 – syrupy mash.  drinkable, but no real reason to

Smuttynose Rocky Road JC 6.0 CE 5.5 – 78% dark chocolate, no marshmallow yet sweet taste to it, another beer that opened up (common theme when the Sheraton fridge is too cold for it’s own good)


Round 03:

Round 03

A L’ancienne Vat 77 Mono Blend Geuze Boon  JC 4.0 CE 1.0

Lagunitas Night Time JC 4.5 CE 4.5 – tobacco juice solidifying the Lagunitas as an overall meh brand

Sierra Nevada Otra Vez  JC 7.5 CE 7.5 – another great German intrepretation from SN (see their Kellerweis Hefeweizen). Refreshing with a decent amount of salt

Rodenbach Vintage 2013  JC 8.0 CE 8.5 – saved the best for last. Sweet and sour sauce.  Add some more sour and it’s easy in 9+ territory


Round 04:

Round 04

Smuttynose – Biere De Shire   JC 3.5  CE  1.0 – Smuttynose is consistent in its disappointment


Round 05 (on the road):

Round 05

Bärentöter – German Sour Gose Bock JC 8.0. CE 8.5 – Oktoberfest malty texture with a nice sour taste. Tastes great in the back of a car.



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