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Belgium in a Box

TinTin in a Box


For those with an expired passport and the cravings of a true Belgium sour, look no further than  DWTH doesn’t normally promote any other site, so you know this spot is legit.

JC had the pleasure of tasting the Verzet Oud Bruin Oak Leaf while in Belgium (the only 10/10 beer recorded on DWTH) and the only way to continue the joy of drinking it, was to turn to

The site also has cheeses and sweets, but we all know the national export of Belgium may as well be sours, specifically the Oud Bruin.

The shipping fee is up there, but there is a guide on the site to help you price out the most bang for your buck.

If you don’t want to commit to a large bottle of Verzet, though you should, try the 375 mL 2014 Verzet Oud Bruin:

LIC is Looking Up


(click the picture for a better view)

Despite having a bad growler experience recently (lesson learned- drink them the day of only), Foodcellar & Co. Market in Long Island City now has growler fills for decent prices of $14-16, including Astoria’s SingleCut Beersmiths.  You better know what you like beforehand though since they don’t allow tastes.  I had a similar experience at a convenience store/supermarket in Savannah.

Beer stores are cool with tasting but not supermarkets which is odd considering the only reason I ever step into Foodcellar is for their free samples of cheese and bakery products.

In fact, I never bought anything from them since they are just a knock off Whole Foods but at a higher price. Their reviews aren’t the greatest either, but for me, just walking down the aisles makes me feel like you are losing money while everyone behind the counter laughs.

Their bottled selection is nice too, and the prices aren’t crazy (apparently they mark up the food the most).  $10.99 for 6 pack of craft beer at a NY supermarket is standard. The DOB on the 22oz Southern Tier Creme Brulee was 06/06/13 which I’d be happy with if I ever chose to give this establishment money.

They also have a create your own 6 pack which I’m always weary of since I’m thinking those cans fell off the truck when first delivering, so I’ll be giving it the shifty eyes until I actually try one.

Foodcellar has been added to the the beer map and will turn to a blue marker once they take my money giving me the right to judge them further.