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The Phoenix That is Barrier Brewing

Barrier Phoenix

By Special Guest Contributor AG “I Drink Piss IPAs”

When the superstorm of the century, Hurricane Sandy, crashed onto the south shores of Long Island, there was no escaping its wrath.  Thousands of homes and businesses up and down the shore were left picking up the pieces and starting over.

The irony here at DWTH was that there was never a better time to crack open a cold one to forget your troubles, yet no local breweries were up and running because of the destruction.

Cut to 2013, when from the ashes of a small tap room in Oceanside NY, and with the help of well bought insurance and the government’s purse, Barrier Brewing re-opened its doors and united a community in desperate need of some good goddam beer.  Barrier, you saved us!

Yes we know the story is sappy, and filled with Hollywood style redemption, but we love the beer there and we love war stories while we drink.  Since 2013 they’ve opened a pretty kick ass taproom in the brewery and have started shipping their products down the East Coast.

So if you find your way into an East Coast bar, and see a Barrier Brewing tap there- order that damn beer!  Find the closest person next to you, and while you drink it, tell them about the beer that survived the storm.  At the very least, the story might get you laid.

Keep an eye out for the following Barrier brews:
– Frau Blücher (Rauchbier) – smoked bacon in a glass.  A DWTH favorite
– Copernicus (Cream Ale) – if it’s on Nitro you are in for a slip and slide of pure flavor
– Rembrandt (Robust Porter)
– Undertow (Dunkel Rauch)

Flea Market Beers

Now that spring is fighting it’s way through this late winter, flea markets are back!pickers


Who doesn’t love walking around in parking lots picking around another person’s goods while eating something fried up real good?  I’ll tell you – those same people drinking craft beer.  When a flea market sells a beer from a local vendor, you buy it!  That’s an order.  It makes the experience much more whole for the following reasons:

  1. your bargaining skills will be enhanced as your confidence increases
  2. that questionable fish taco all of sudden tastes much better than the first bite
  3. the wait for your significant other to pick over rusted jewelry, crusted comics, or ripped clothing somehow becomes bearable

LIC Flea in Long Island City, Queens offers beers from Big Alice (personal favorite of ours) and Rockaway Brewing every week.  EVERY WEEK.  Well, really weekend but that happens at the end of every week therefore it still counts.

On top of that the DWTH crew happened to run into two separate parties of people we know but didn’t know were also flea-ing.  Where did we bump into them?  On line for another round of beers, proving that beer a simply makes a flea market experience that much better.

We’ll flea you there!


Recently both JC and I have posted about the beauties of rauchbiers aka smoked beers.

It should come to no surprise that yet another excellent beer style originated out of Germany.  Germany – what can’t they do wrong?!

Aecht Schlenkerla Fastenbier is the king of the category but now there are plenty of other countries taking their stake in the game including hometown favorite Barrier Brewing and their Frau Blucher.  Next time your in Oceanside, be sure to sip the smoke!




Portland Maine’s Best

If you’re going to Portland, Maine Allagash is a must stop.  Like most, our introduction began with their White (liked it more before discovering German wheats, American version of wheat, good start, a true 5.75).

Actual beer taste aside, the set up of their tasting room is excellent for many reasons:

1. You don’t have to go on a tour to “earn” a taste.

2. You literally walk up to the bar and they ask, “How many do you have and where are you sitting?” Because yes, they bring the flights to you.

3. There’s an outdoor area along with a food truck outside.

4. The flight glasses and paddle are just so damn classy:


If only every brewery took strangers in with such open arms…. and free.

Pictured above (all scores CE only):

White– same as usual except creamier from the source tap – 6
House– smells like pale ale, taste just like one too, hoppy, citrusy, not too much bang – 5
Bourbon Barrel Black– weak whiskey nose, strong alcohol finish, want more smoke- 4.5
Allagash Fluxus 2013– coffee/chocolate note, very little orange, rich- 5.5

An excellent way to start a trip into Portland…or end if you don’t buckle up!  So please, please, please, please, please hire an escort to drive you around or have a friend who doesn’t mind not indulging, or just become friends with Benny the Cab.