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The Rise and Fall of the Beer Festival

There was a time when the DWTH crew would mark out for every beer festival on east side of the Mississippi.  However it is very easy to get festival fatigue, especially when you don’t travel.

Often time the beer vendors do not rotate enough so you are dealing with repeat beers.  If it was a brewery that featured a new or seasonal beer each time it would make it worthwhile, but understandably breweries are bringing their flagship to introduce first timers to their brews.

What it comes down to is attending a few festivals across the country to mix things up.  The best festival NYC offered was the Craft Experience as reviewed earlier, but that was 3 (!) years ago and it hasn’t ran since.

Boston has the Extreme Beer Fest from Beer Advocate which is all of the most offbeat beers (read: tartest of the sours, biggest of the barleywines, and the most “wait, there’s what in this beer?” moments)

The Great American Beer Festival in Denver is still on our bucket list too.

In the meantime, hitting all of the best beer bars in the US and beyond is a job we’ve gladly accepted.


We Got a Map!


Never get lost again!  Click on “The Beer Map” above or our permalink http://downwiththehops.com/beer-map for a beer map of NYC where you can find great bars to enjoy beer as well as new places waiting to be judged by our panel of rotted liver experts!  For your convenience, short descriptions are included at each location.

Just like any newborn, the map will grow with time.  We hope that includes cities beyond our own…