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Flea Market Beers

Now that spring is fighting it’s way through this late winter, flea markets are back!pickers


Who doesn’t love walking around in parking lots picking around another person’s goods while eating something fried up real good?  I’ll tell you – those same people drinking craft beer.  When a flea market sells a beer from a local vendor, you buy it!  That’s an order.  It makes the experience much more whole for the following reasons:

  1. your bargaining skills will be enhanced as your confidence increases
  2. that questionable fish taco all of sudden tastes much better than the first bite
  3. the wait for your significant other to pick over rusted jewelry, crusted comics, or ripped clothing somehow becomes bearable

LIC Flea in Long Island City, Queens offers beers from Big Alice (personal favorite of ours) and Rockaway Brewing every week.  EVERY WEEK.  Well, really weekend but that happens at the end of every week therefore it still counts.

On top of that the DWTH crew happened to run into two separate parties of people we know but didn’t know were also flea-ing.  Where did we bump into them?  On line for another round of beers, proving that beer a simply makes a flea market experience that much better.

We’ll flea you there!